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MobileSputnik provides iPad and Android tablet users with unique multi-screen user interface to open multiple files in separate “screens” and easily switch between them at any time by swiping between opened screens or with a special scrollable ribbon with opened screens. This is a huge advantage of MobileSputnik as the only enterprise mobile workplace supporting active daily work with business information as the real world requires.

MobileSputnik opens up easy and secure access to corporate information assets with on-premises deployment and smooth integration into an existing enterprise IT/IS landscape. MobileSputnik PC Agent supports users file sync with PC via a special personalized “FileBox”. Adaptive MobileSputnik Web-client supports modern browsers on any platform and form-factor – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Google Chrome and Apple Mac OS X.

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MobileSputnik turns iPad and Android tablets into the true enterprise mobile workplace, giving users familiar PC capabilities and providing rich functionality, usability and security while working with corporate files at any time in any place. MobileSputnik provides a rich toolset for document access, viewing, creating, editing with embedded office suite, sharing and management directly on modern iPad and Android tablets.
MobileSputnik provides users with support of the new just-in-time true sharing collaboration scenarios of corporate tablet users and provides easy and secure file and screen sharing between meetings participants within the same Wi-Fi network in a real-time. MobileSputnik Direct File & Screen Sharing™ cross-platform capabilities are unique on worldwide mobility market and reaffirm MobileSputnik technology leadership.
  • Multi-screen user interface to open and work with multiple files
  • File manager with rich set of file operations
  • Viewer for many file formats of documents, images, multimedia
  • Embedded Office to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Text file based note taker with extended keyboard
  • Multi-screen desktop for shortcuts
  • Access to Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries
  • Easy and secure file sync with special PC Agent
  • Login with users’ corporate identity by Active Directory integration
  • On-premises deployment within corporate intranet
  • Scalable multi-component server architecture
  • Management and monitoring tools, including dashboard
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