Enterprise Mobile File Access, Edit, Sync & Sharing


File manager

File manager provides the full set of common file operations:

  • Download / Upload
  • Preview / Full screen view
  • Edit text notes and office file documents
  • Copy / Move / Local clone / Rename
  • Zip / Unzip
  • Send by e-mail (if enabled by policy)
  • Open in 3rd party application (if enabled by policy)

Most of the operations are applicable for selected individual or multiple files and folders. It is also possible to create folders and document files locally and later upload them to the connected file resources (if user has appropriate access rights).

Multi-screen user interface

Multi-screen user interface allows users to open multiple files in separate “screens” and easily switch between them at any time:

  • by swiping between opened screens
  • with a special scrollable ribbon with opened screen thumbnails

Both methods allow users to select the main file manager screen in addition to already opened files.

This is a unique and huge advantage of MobileSputnik as the only tablet workplace supporting active work with business information in the real world.


Embedded Office suite

MobileSputnik provides all the power of document editing capabilities with embedded Polaris Office technology by Infraware to create and edit files in Microsoft Office formats:

  • Word documents .doc and .docx
  • Excel spreadsheets .xls and .xlsx
  • PowerPoint presentations .ppt and .pptx

Office capabilities are implemented as an embedded part of the MobileSputnik client on both iOS and Android devices. In contrast to bundled solutions, which require switching between separate applications, MobileSputnik provides enterprise users an all-in-one integrated environment and secure container for business information.

Embedded  Office suite together with comprehensive file management and other tools make MobileSputnik the real and true enterprise mobile workplace.

Text file editor for quick notes

MobileSputnik includes embedded text note taker. Extended keyboard provides users with special keys for most often text editing operations:

  • quick navigations by words and characters
  • punctuation marks

All the notes are saved as text files syncronized as any other documents with MobileSputnik file resources.



File version reconciliation

MobileSputnik provides users smart logic and flexibility to identify and choose the right version of file in case of making changes from many devices as well as by different contributors.

MobileSputnik clients for iPad and Android tablets allow to get info on the latest file changes and compare device version with another one saved on server. It’s indicated by statuses:

  • File was changed on device
  • File was changed on server (in FileBox on PC and suncronized with server or directly on shared file resource like Windows shared folder or SharePoint document library)
  • File was changed after the latest refresh just on device as well on server

User can clone current local file and download the latest one from server if desired. In any case pop-up menu called by touch on special indication allow to download or upload appropriate version.

MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing™ for both of iOS & Android

MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing™ supports new collaboration scenarios of corporate tablet users and provides easy and secure document sharing between meetings or conference participants in real time. MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing ™ based on AllSeen Alliance Framework. These capabilities do not require Bluetooth and allows collaborating in real-time with high-speed just-in-time document exchange for both of iPad and Android tablets.

MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing enable mobile workers to use Wi-Fi network (external or running on a mobile device) anywhere and at any time for instant and secure “dropping” and demonstration of files to each other in secure way. Availability of the direct sharing for users is managed at the level of policy profile defined on the MobileSputnik server for appropriate users.



Web-client and user self-service portal for any form-factor

MobileSputnik provides users an adaptive Web-client which works in any modern browser on any device platform and form factor, including:

  • smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and any other with HTML 5 browser
  • traditional and hybrid PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT (Microsoft Surface), Linux
  • Apple Mac OS X (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro)

MobileSputnik Web-client supports file/folder management operations like native MobileSputnik clients for tablets.

User self-service portal allows to register enterprise file resources needed for user (in case of having appropriate access rights to the resource defined at the resource level).

Desktop for favorite documents

MobileSputnik provides a special multi-screen desktop to access and manage shortcuts for favorite documents.

All shortcuts are represented as thumbnails of documents for easy navigation and management.

Users can visually sort and remove favorites, view a favorite in the File Manager preview window and open favorites in separate screens.


PC Agent for users files sync

MobileSputnik gives users a modern PC Agent infrastructure for easy and familiar exchange of corporate files with tablets via a special personalized resource named FileBox.

Agent user experience brings popular consumer scenarios to the enterprise in a secure way. All users’ FileBoxes are created automatically on the MobileSputnik Server with individual user only access privileges.

MobileSputnik Agent allows selection of a root folder on the corporate network or the user’s corporate PC for synchronization, with the ability to select all or only a subset of subfolders for synchronization. The Agent can synchronize files automatically with the Server each X minutes (5 min by default) or the user can explicitly run the synchronization process.

Management tools

MobileSputnik gives system administrators a full set of Web-based tools to manage:

  • Users
  • Groups of users
  • Policy profiles
  • Devices
  • Shared file resources like Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries
  • Licenses

The Management Console supports PC and tablet browsers and provides a responsive user interface. Administrators can block particular users and/or devices, if needed for security reasons.

The Management Console provides a graphical monitoring dashboard and access to the full log of user access errors (like authorization), system errors and user operations.


On-premise deployment architecture

MobileSputnik Server provides a secure and scalable enterprise file exchange infrastructure for on-premises deployment within the enterprise landscape. Multi-component distributed architecture and stateless message-based communications between mobile clients and server components gives a huge potential for horizontal scalability with network load balancing tools. The server is designed with a special focus on enterprise level security.


Enterprise grade server capabilities

  • Active Directory integration for user import and authentication of operations
  • Multi-level authorization of users and their devices on the MobileSputnik server and with Active Directory
  • Impersonated access to file resources with automatic application of resources’ original user access rights
  • User and device level blocking
  • Policy profiles for user groups
  • Multiple groups support for users with multiplication of user privileges across the system
  • Linking of groups with registered file resources
  • Easy and transparent connection to Windows shared folders (including DFS-based) and SharePoint document libraries
  • Log of user access errors, system errors and all user operations
  • HTTPS as a default transport in all mobile clients, server components and resources access communications
  • Distribution of server components in intranet and DMZ if required
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