"Strengthenning enterprise management, insisting quality first, keeping persistent improvement, ensure customer satisfaction” is our quality policy for long-term development.
To further improve product quality and market competitiveness and to be indentical with the international standard, Rike Chemical adopts advanced enterprise quality management conception from home and abroad , till now we have established a full set of quality control system and passed ISO9001:2008 certification.
In order to carry out quality policy and realize quality target, Rike Chemical has formed a set of complete, scientific and efficitive quality assurance system from every step of the product manufacturing including: products research and development, supplier management, test for incoming materials, production process, incoming test, wearhouse-out inspection till to after-sale service. During the working process of this system, we guarantee this quality assurance conception to implement the whole production process.
1. Product research and development
Rike chemical carries out product design, research and development according to the requirement of feedback information from our customers and corresponding quality standards.
2. Supplier management
Evaluate raw material suppliers
Build supplier catalogue of qualified raw material (companies with high reputation from home and abroad, such as Lucite , Sinopecetc.)
Track and revaluate our qualified suppliers regularly
Every batch of incoming raw material attached certificate of analysis (COA)
3. Test for incoming raw materials
Test every batch of incoming raw materials
Return the unqualified materials
Green light for qualified materials
4. Production process
Rike chemical possesses advanced and complete production facilities, further more, has developed unique process of design, R&D and manufacturing. 
During production, we carry out strict pre-supervision for the factors including people, machine, material, method, environment and detection which can influence quality.
For key works and special process influencing product quality, we set up control points for monitoring, direct and regulate operation and inspection with scientific and effective working process and process paremeters.
Train our staff in field of the quality system to guide them to set up the quality conception of “never let the rejected products enter the next process” . By this way we can guarantee the production process to be controled from beginning to end.
5. Product inspection
Rike chemical carries out the inspection system with the combination of self-checking, mutual-checking and professional-checking to guarantee the production quality strictly.
Q/C and Q/A carrys out performance test and inspection in accordance with the product inspection standard and operation specification indicated in the workbook.
Analyze the product quality timely by the quality analysis software.
Find out abnormal products timely and improve precaution measures to ensure all the products to be delivered out with 100% qualification.
Finished product inspector inspect the products input and output to ensure products and packaging meet the requirements. The product quality of Rike chemical gets an altimate ensurance under the rigorous, high-effiency and comlete inspection system